Loretta A: "Neraida" by Vicente Silva
Young, fresh, and beautiful, Loretta looks more enticing as she spreads her legs and pussy lips to give us a full view of her pink and moist orifice.

Snow Fun IX – Sneak Out

Carla Cox & Emylia Argan & Gabi de Castello & Grace C & Terry Sullivan & Kristof Cale & Matt Ice & Will S: "Snow Fun IX - Sneak Out" by Andrej Lupin
Tw hot blondes Grace and Carla sneaks out of the room and enjoys an exciting and raunchy lesbian scene in a quiet stairwell.
Striking blonde Grace C has figured prominently in the "Snow Fun" series. In episode III she retreated to the comfort and privacy of a bathroom where she indulged herself in a leisurely session of particularly eye-pleasing masturbation. In episode V she was teamed with Gabi de Castello for an enjoyable bout of loving lesbianism. As episode IX begins, the "Snow Fun" gang is relaxing after a day on the slopes with a few beers and other beverages. When her friends start in on a rowdy game of foosball Grace C sits apart — she's in no mood for such a frivolous activity. Carla Cox can't help but notice her sulking friend and whispers a suggestion in her ear. Without drawing any attention Carla exits the room. After a moment or two Grace C discretely follows. Alone in a quiet stairwell the twosome begin their clandestine tryst. After helping Grace C out of her pretty pink panties Carla devours her delicious girlfriend, sucking, licking, teasing, and fingering her to a series of increasingly intense orgasms. Turnabout is only fair, and Grace C rewards her impromptu partner with several orgasms of her own. When the girls return to the party nobody has even noticed they've been gone, making "Sneak Out" a success in more ways than one!


Night A: "Estia" by Alan Forza
A gorgeous redhead named Night flaunts her petite and proportioned body and explores her own sensuality for her debut SexArt series.
Beautiful face with striking green eyes framed by her wavy red hair, with skin as smooth as porcelain, Night looks absolutely stunning in her black lingerie dress. The smooth black cloth hugs every curve of her small yet perfectly proportioned body. In front of Alan Forza's lens, she shows no sign of inhibition as she explores her sensuality, spreading her gorgeous legs wide open and finger fucking her smooth and wet orifice.

Do What I Want

Blue Angel & Marcus Dupree: "Do What I Want" by Andrej Lupin
Adventuruous couple Blue Angel and Marcus takes their romantic relationship up a notch as they try a kinky yet very passionate lovemaking in the kitchen.
The setting is a sleek, modern kitchen. Completely devoid of decoration or embellishment, only a glimpsed faucet and an oven inset in an uninterrupted wall of cabinets suggests the intended purpose of the room. A single, asymmetrical, window floods the space with light. A couple — Blue Angel and Marcus Dupree — both clad in casual white, are having a lively conversation. Her eyes sparkle with playful energy, he returns her loving gaze. Their chemistry is obvious, even overwhelming. And that amorous attraction makes this cool kitchen the absolutely perfect place for an extended romantic encounter, more comfortable than the coziest bed, more sensuous than any exotic locale. Director Andrej Lupin adds a further bit of mystery to the proceedings with the title: in "Do What I Want" both players seem to be doing exactly what they want as individuals and as a twosome — this is a couple making love, not a superior controlling an underling. Moans of orgasmic delight are punctuated by giddy, joyous laughter, playful and passionate elements in perfect proportion. Encompassing everything from foot-worship to feverish fucking in a variety of creative positions, "Do What I Want" does what it does superbly.

The Road Goes On

Frida & Whitney Conroy: "The Road Goes On" by Alis Locanta
Frida and Whitney puts a stunning highlight to their casual and flirtatious adventure with a passionate and beautiful, erotic lesbian romance in an elegant setting.
Italy's Alis Locanta begins his latest SexArt creation, "The Road Goes On," with a sequence featuring his two stars in a series of public places — a train station, the backseat of a car, and strolling through a bustling city center. Despite the casual, spontaneous nature of this introductory footage, it becomes immediately apparent that there's a strong undercurrent of erotic attraction between these two beautiful women — but even the very public kiss Whitney Conroy and Frida share on a crowded thoroughfare only hints at the depth and breadth of that attraction. Locanta lets his performers set the pace, and once they're alone their playful flirtation blossoms into a powerful and mutual sexual yearning. Set in three distinctly different locations in a sophisticated and elegant home, "The Road Goes On," flows from one orgasmic highlight to the next to create a journey into exquisitely beautiful lesbian erotica and romance. Once you've entered the world of "The Road Goes On" you'll never want it to end.