El Tango de Gina Devine

Gina Devine & Thomas Lee: "El Tango de Gina Devine" by Andrej Lupin
Gina and Thomas dances a slow and sensual dance of tango as a prelude to a passionate and hardcore sex.
While some couples go on a fancy dinner or a romantic movie to set the mood, Gina and Thomas dances tango to seduce each other. The orquesta tipica plays a familiar song and you could see the excitement in their eyes. With smooth, sensual, and dramatic movements, they dance and slither their passionate emotions for each other. Gina feels this electrifying sensation coursing throughout her body and Thomas' touch makes it more intense. It doesn't take too long before they are naked before each other, eager to satify this burning desire to feel and taste each other's body.

In The Moment of Inspiration

Caprice A & Whitney Conroy: "In The Moment of Inspiration" by Andrej Lupin
The stunningly beautiful Whitney Conroy poses completely nude as a wood nymph before Caprice. Her elegant allure and tempting charms are endless and it doesn't take too long before Caprice feels an irresistible attraction towards her.
It's a fantasy with universal appeal for those with even a passing interest in nude photography: What really happens when an artist spends hours at a time shooting a beautiful, totally nude, young woman? Andrej Lupin's "In the Moment of Inspiration" injects additional fire into the fantasy by casting supermodel Caprice A (a Top Model at SexArt as well as MetArt, with over 40 pictorials and films in her portfolio) as the photographer, and rising SexArt star Whitney Conroy as her subject. The setting is a studio. Conroy, completely nude throughout, is a high style wood nymph standing on a carpet of leaves. At first everything proceeds with high level of professionalism, but as Caprice coaches Whitney and gives her some hands-on assistance with posing the attraction between the pretty pair soon proves irresistible. At first it appears that Caprice is the aggressor, but it quickly becomes apparent that the lustful feelings are mutual and the twosome enjoy each other at length during a tryst that is by turns lovingly gentle and explosively orgasmic. "In the Moment of Inspiration" is picture perfect lesbian erotica.


Bella C: "Creacio" by Koenart
Wearing a black frilly tube top and sheer panty that shows off her small frame, Bella's cute face lights up into a charming smile as she playfully strips off her clothing, posing uninhibitedly on top of the cushion sofa before playing with her shaved and suckable pussy with a glass dildo.

La Dolce Vita Turisti Per Caso

Gertie & Pablo Ferarri: "La Dolce Vita Turisti Per Caso" by Alis Locanta
Gertie and her boyfriend Pablo make their vacation getaway a memorable one with an unforgettable tryst.
Drama, passion, fireworks — when we think of romantic entanglements these are often the things that stand out and linger in memory. But romantic relationships are complex and varied. While the "big" moments and dramatic events may loom large, it is often the quiet times, the simple events of daily life, that give a relationship its heart and soul. In Alis Locanta's "La Dolce Vita Turisti Per Caso" the director examines one of these low key yet entirely romantic interludes. A couple has spent a relaxing day enjoying the sights — and one another — as you'd expect young lovers on vacation to do. Later, while they lounge together, the mood turns amorous. One kiss inspires another, a caress invites further contact. There is nothing overly dramatic or theatrical about it — we're simply in the room as a man and a woman give their love for one another a warm, sincere, and physical expression. Gertie and Pablo Ferrari play their parts to perfection and make this afternoon of relaxed and spontaneous sex a genuine delight.

Upper West Side

Capri Anderson & Tyler Nixon: "Upper West Side" by Bo Llanberris
In the privacy of a loft in the Upper West Side, Capri Anderson and Tyler Nixon express their passion in the artistic form of lovemaking in front of Bo Llanderris' camera.
Back in the 80's I purchased a loft on the Upper West Side of New York City. It's a place where I encourage artists gather to express themselves with paint and chalk while bending words into abstract poems that tickle the mind and soothe the spirit. It's a place where free expression is the law, and inhibitions are left at the door... my door. I was so pleased to meet Capri Anderson. She's very close with a dear friend of mine, Tyler Nixon. When I heard that they were good friends and lovers I invited them over to my New York Loft for some fun and free spirit sex in front of my cameras. What we captured was a true connection, even perhaps a little love, and some very hot sex play. Tune in to see what happened in the Upper West Side.


Kleo A & Verona A: "Noite" by Matt Hathaway
Kleo A and Verona A, two alluring babes having an arousing lesbian sex over the kitchen counter-top.


Breann: "Rovente" by Catherine
Breann is quite kinky and adventerous as she drips hot candle wax on her breasts. See how excited she is as she experiences pain as pleasure.