Susana C: "Potestas" by Catherine
Susana is an 18-year-old cutie with the charming smile and gorgeous body. She may look innocent but this pretty young lady can be lusty and sultry too.


Loretta A: "Salon" by Vicente Silva
After enjoying a good erotic movie and a glass of wine, Loretta enjoys touching herself on top of the sofa and exposing her pink and moist goods.
In her bio, Loretta shares that she loves being sexy and being the center of attention. To unwind and relax, she prefers being alone, watch a good movie, and enjoy a glass of wine. She has just finished watching an erotic movie when she felt really hot and horny. A naughty and uninhibited girl that she is, she positions herself comfortably in the sofa and starts touching herself.

El Matador

Presley Hart & William Corazon: "El Matador" by Bo Llanberris
Presley makes her fantasies of El Matador a reality as she allows him to conquer her body with pure lust and fiery passion.
El Matador. Spanish for The Killer. The killer of the beast. The killer of the hearts and minds of men who admire bravery in it's raw form. One man stands alone against the angry rage of the mature, 3000 pound bull. Its horns like sharpened metal spears, its breath like molten lava, its eyes transfixed on The Killer, El Matador. With force of a speeding truck, the raging beast throws its spears with the full weight of its enormous body... Yet the killer, El Matador, stands unafraid, unmoving. With no protection, nothing to safeguard his body, he stands against the raging beast with no more than a red cloth to inflame the beast's anger, and pure human courage. It is no wonder that Presley Hart must have this man, this killer, El Matador. She yearns for him, for the touch of his rugged body, the smell of his sweet sweat against her soft, white perfumed skin. The very thought of him makes her flow with sexual desire, and when he arrives to her bed, he takes her as only he could, this killer, El Matador.


Mia Sollis: "Sonnetts" by Deltagamma
Mia Sollis, the sensual and drop-dead-gorgeous red-haired babe of SexArt poses enticingly on the stairs.
Can't get enough of the luscious and sensual redhead named Mia Sollis? Then you'll be excited as this alluring babe with the ravishing beauty poses for her seventh series for MetArt. She's wearing a white frilly top that shows off her sexy body curves, and strings of white pearls that hung from her slender neck. After taking off her clothing, she spreads her legs wide open to allow a full view of her magnificent assets.

Lonely Day

Emily J: "Lonely Day" by Paul Black
With her hypnotizing green eyes, pretty face, and breathtaking body, Emily makes a visually stimulating masterpiece as she masturbates with full passion and raw lust in front of the camera.
You may be an expert in female autoeroticism. You may have studied the art and practice of feminine self-pleasure in a personal setting or viewed it in films and videos. To ready yourself for "Lonely Day" forget everything you know about the subject, erase everything you've seen, and prepare for a truly eye-opening, mind-altering, aesthetic/erotic cinematic experience quite unlike anything you've ever witnessed. With their latest production for SexArt, Paul and Ilona Black deliver a compact, concentrated, and exquisitely intense exploration of explosively satisfying solo masturbation. The voluptuous and hauntingly beautiful Emily J. delivers a breathtaking performance in this visually stunning, achingly erotic, and utterly impressive cinematic sexual tour de force. Stylish, edgy, inventive, and powerful, "Lonely Day" sets a new standard for single girl erotica.

Dulce Despertar

Ariel Piper Fawn & Whitney Conroy: "Dulce Despertar" by Andrej Lupin
The stunning redhead, Ariel Piper Fawn, wakes up to an irresistible proposition from the busty blonde, Whitney Conroy, to greet the day with a tender and uninhibited lovemaking on top of the bed.
Soft light streams into a bedroom, a new day has dawned. A redheaded beauty, still lost in slumber, is gently awakened when her blonde companion joins her on the bed. The mood is familiar, relaxed, but it only takes a moment or two until mutual desire makes itself felt. Hungry lips come together for a kiss as fingers go wandering in search of tender targets. In Andrej Lupin's "Dulce Despertar," Ariel Piper Fawn and Whitney Conroy spend the better part of this beautiful morning making sweet love to each other. The director creates a welcoming sense of intimacy and the viewer is pulled into and immersed in the beauty of the participants and the intoxicating eroticism of the action as it unfolds. Let "Dulce Despertar" transport you to a warm, loving space where passion knows no bounds and pleasure is abundant and all-enveloping. "Dulce Despertar" captures the dawning of a new day with an artist's eye and a poet's sensitivity — awakening is seldom this sweet!


Miela A: "Pedim" by Koenart
Lying back relaxing on her burnt umber sofa, Miela A has something on her mind. Wearing nothing but a white, lacy bra and panties, her thoughts begin to wander and she slowly takes off her bra to expose her perfectly round, supple breasts. It's not long before her panties slide down and she exposes her stunning, smooth, plump pussy lips. Her glass dildo appears and she is ready for some erotic solo masturbation.


Timea Bella: "Detta" by Don Caravaggio
Timea Bella looks brash, bold and alluring as she strategically poses in her black bra and panties in front of an abstract painting. In a stunning frontal view she exposes her naked body, only to turn around and give you an up close and personal look of her smooth, pink pussy and pretty pink rosebud. She is ready for some finger fucking fun!