Sinia A: "Mavros" by Vicente Silva
The sultry and elegant Sinia shares a deeper side of her sensuality, masturbating her smooth pink pussy with a black dildo.
Sultry green eyes with perfectly arched eyebrows, well-chiseled nose, and sexy lips, Sinia is a gorgeous Ukranian with long black hair and slender physique. This tempting siren always exudes elegance and confidence even without her clothes on. She knows she has magnificent assets and knows how to best flaunt them. In the series "Mavros", Sinia shares a deeper part of her powerful sensuality, masturbating with a black dildo without any hint of inhibition at all. Her smooth, pink pussy loves to take it deep, spreading her legs wide open to insert the sex toy down to its shaft.


Miela A: "Contenido" by Don Caravaggio
The naughty and curvy blue-eyed blonde named Miela puts up an erotic show of her breathtakingly slender physique and well-tanned assets.
It's summer and Miela is spending her vacation in SexArt's private resort. The stunning blue-eyed babe loves basking in the sun and getting that perfect tan. Wearing a printed blue and green two-piece bikini, she lounges by the pool, soaking in the morning sun's warm light. But knowing that Don Caravaggio is shooting her, the curvy blonde puts up a naughty show of her smooth and tanned assets.

The Return

Jasmine W & Logan Pierce: "The Return" by Bo Llanberris
Two young lovers, Jasmine and Logan, shares an intimate and erotic moment, fulfilling the promise they made together to return and be as one.
There was a promise made back in June. A promise between two young lovers. A promise to share two souls as one. A promise to forget me and my crew, forget the where, the when or the how. Just be together as one. That promise was between Logan Pierce and Jasmine W. And that was a promise they kept.Now join Jasmine and Logan as they once again turn their two souls into one while allowing us in as silent voyeurs. Be with them as they make love the way lovers do in, The Return.

Upper West Side III

Lily LaBeau & Logan Pierce: "Upper West Side III" by Bo Llanberris
Lily puts Logan's dream into reality as the hot and erotic Upper west Side arc continues.
So I get a call from my dear friend, Logan Pierce, one morning a few weeks ago. He says, and I quote, "Dude, I had this dream last night. I was lost in this place, I don't know where, and then before I knew it I was in your New York loft on the Upper West Side. I was with this woman... A stranger. She has a mask. She was beautiful, tall, mysterious, and she had short, cropped hair..." My response was, "Dude, that's amazing. I have to film that." So I called Lily LaBeau and had her and Logan flown out to the Upper West Side where we recreated Logan's dream. While I was filming I began to see that Lily and Logan were completely into the fantasy and very into each other, and before I knew it something deeper took over between them that I was lucky enough to catch on film. Have a look to see what I mean in The Upper West Side 3, Logan's Run.


Loretta A: "Neraida" by Vicente Silva
Young, fresh, and beautiful, Loretta looks more enticing as she spreads her legs and pussy lips to give us a full view of her pink and moist orifice.